Overtime, all of our cars accumulates a lot of our personal items in it. However, there are some items which are considered essential car supplies that needs to be kept in the car as a precaution. For example – Tires, toolkits etc. Your car’s toolkit should generally consider the following tools –

1. A Multitool Or A Small Screwdriver Set And Plyers

When it comes to tools, a multi-tool is a must – have for your vehicles. These devices combine pliers, saws, screwdrivers, knives and other tools like can openers. These tools are available separately as well and can help you with simple things like changing the circuit breakers in your car or even cutting yourself out of your seatbelt and smashing a window open in an emergency.

2. Jumper Cables

This is another tool that almost everyone has and is a mandatory item in your toolkit. If you don’t currently own jumper cables, it would be prudent to go buy some since you never know when you might end up with a dead battery, especially in the winter months.

3. A Flashlight

A good flashlight will always come in handy and is an excellent investment as far as your vehicle is concerned. A light can be used to find a mechanical problem in the dark, search for lost objects, flag down vehicles when necessary or to simply have more brightness during day time to look at car parts if needed.

4. Food And Water

Having some canned food and water in your car is a good idea. Keeping freeze-dried meals in your trunk maybe overkill, but having some crackers or something similar is bound to come in handy. Food and water are essentials that could be your life line if you ever get stranded or if your car ever breaks down in inoppertune times. They can also be useful even if you’re just on the way back home from work and craving for a snack. Stocking up on water is also absolutely necessary, be it during a hot summer’s drive or a winter day drive which could potentially turn dangerous. Water bottles will become necessary during the event of a radiator leak as well.

5. A Blanket And A Jacket

Keeping a blanket and a jacket is a smart precaution that would help you out in the long run. If it ever gets cold and you can’t start your car, you’ll want to keep warm and keeping a blanket in your car is great for unexpected car troubles. Having a spare jacket is also a good strategy for an emergency, or even if you just forgot yours.

6. Tire Iron, Jack And A Spare Tire

Finally, Tire iron, jack and a spare tire are tools that are the most important set of tools in your tool kit. Tire problems are exceedingly common and these items could make the difference of you getting home that day or being stranded. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to invest in a good spare tire and if you don’t know how to change a tire, it would also be a smart move to learn it.